Sunday, December 11, 2011

Amount of Man

The Game of life going on. The little life has arrived and given some of the most happy and memorable moments of my life. Personal problems have kept swinging up and down. I have been thinking and wishing it will go away someday. But I guess, God is punishing me for my sins of prevoius birth.
This time i experienced what i had never experienced before. A new hieght of entropy... in the relationship.... and that has left me shaken stirred and unstable.
I sacrificied my job, my career, my likes...and this time my honor of being a man. Something, I dint even compromised for my family members. huh... the Just, impartial, loving person..... who used to have pride in owning and displyaing these qualitities.... is slowly dying.... I wish asking for death was as ease as my counter part things it is. With the little one around...I cant do that also...afterall some amount of Man is still within me.